Report by Amnesty International on Inhumane Practices in Hell gives Evidence of Man Caused Climate Change

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For several years scientists around the world have been confident that global warming is a natural phenomenon and that climate change was only created by the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. This scientific theory is now severely shaken by a report from Amnesty International: The human rights organisation has observed a constant increase in temperature in hell which is considerable evidence that climate change is truly caused by humans.

Amnesty International has denounced repeatedly in its annual reports the inhumane conditions and practices in hell. In addition to all the violations of human rights such as torment, punishment and torture, psychic terror and eternal darkness, this year’s report particularly criticizes the already infernal temperature which has increased on a yearly basis: Since measurements started almost 160 years ago the average temperature has risen by 120,7° Celsius!

Well-known theologians such as British professor Richard Dawkins consider this temperature increase observed by AI to be sufficient evidence of a man caused global warming. Professor Dawkins: “It is scientifically approved and agreed upon by all major religions that sins committed in this world get punished in hell by a factor of 100. If climate change rather were a natural phenomenon – which we haven been convinced of so far – Satan would have had no reason to breathe down the poor souls’ neck and increase hell’s temperature. Conversely, this means that those condemned to hell have to atone for all those environmental sins that have been committed since the beginning of industrialization and which have caused an overall global warming of about 1,2° Celsius.”

This should bring around even the toughest climate change skeptics. Denying climate change is no longer acceptable due to this overwhelming evidence. On the contrary, by doing so it makes things even worse since one violates the 8th commandment! Therefore, when you go by car and – as usual – traffic is a living hell, consider using your bike for a change. This might be a better choice. In this world and the next!

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