Island completely destroyed: TIME magazine honours Kim Jong-un with ‘Heroes of the Environment’ award

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What a stunning twist in the omnipresent conflict between North Korea and the rest of the world! The missile, which was launched a couple of days ago and flew over Japan and supposedly landed in the Pacific, actually directly hit an island which was completely destroyed by the bomb. What at first sight looks like the beginning of a devastating war has instead turned into worldwide amazement and was greeted with tumultuous applause. Time magazine even decided spontaneously to honour Kim Jong-un with the ‘Heroes of the Environment’ award!

While the world so far hasn’t found any practical solution for one of the most challenging environmental problems of recent years – huge plastic garbage patches floating around in open sea – the North Korean dictator has demonstrated how to get rid of these trash islands within seconds and in a very economic way: the Great Pacific garbage patch whose dimensions are comparable to the size of Central Europe was exterminated by the missile from Pyongyang in no time at all!

Japan’s prime minister Shinzō Abe, initially outraged by the unannounced missile launch, apologized for his mistake and sent a personal greeting to his previous archenemy in order to thank the North Korean leader. This makes sense because Japanese shipping companies are no longer forced to dodge the plastic barrier and can now take a straight route to North America instead again.

Time magazine, which has been honouring people of outstanding environmental achievements since 2007, has agreed to put Kim Jong-un on this year’s ‘Heroes of the Environment’ list. The jury justified their choice with the following words: “The Paris climate agreement is all very well. But what we really need is ‘Actions not Words’!”

How quickly things can change was demonstrated by Donald Trump who tweeted the other day: “It took the regime’s armed forces quite some time and apparently hundreds of test missiles to finally hit one of those plastic patches. Therefore, the US will provide technical and military support to our North Korean friends as soon as possible in order to improve the precision and accuracy of their intermediate- and long-range missiles.”

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