Most complete player: Cristiano Ronaldo soon to become World Goalkeeper, too?

Image-sources: Дмитрий Садовников –, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link & Pixabay; Image editing with GIMP

After winning his fifth Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo insisted that he would be the best and most complete player of all time. Now he is apparently getting serious about his claim: As from next week on, the 32-year-old will start intensive goalkeeper training drills in order to to reach the ambitious goal of replacing Keylor Navas as the number one goalie of Real Madrid by the end of the season.

In his interview with soccer magazine ‘France Football’ the Portuguese exceptional kicker is quickly getting to the point: “You might be surprised, but I actually have a sport idol! His name is Marc Giradelli and he is one of the few skiers who has excelled in all five alpine disciplines. He was probably the most gifted all-rounder in the skiing scene.”

For becoming the best amongst all-time greats, according to Ronaldo it isn’t sufficient to solely be a brilliant forward: “Even if I get awarded ten times World Player of the year and even if I win the World Cup with the Portuguese team – there will still be people around insisting that one of Pelé, Beckenbauer or Diego Maradonna is the greatest player of all time. Therefore, only if I succeed in winning the World Goalkeeper trophy as well, even those who are most reluctant will admit: There can be only one!”

Having a height of 185 cm, Ronaldo is considered rather short compared to other goalkeepers. Nonetheless, world-class keepers such as David De Gea from Manchester United are pretty sure that Ronaldo can become one of the best goalies. De Gea: “I don’t know any player that falls down to the ground as quickly as Ronaldo. As a goalkeeper, this ability is essential! And of course being a striker he naturally knows where he has to dive for the big saves.”

Whoever was looking forward to seeing Ronaldo to soon end his career will have to postpone their hopes: After becoming CR1 instead of CR7 Ronaldo will definitely hit the headlines on and off the playing fields at least for ten more years. And Manuel Neuer from FC Bayern Munich will have to wrap himself up warmly in the future if he wants to win the World Goalkeeper trophy again!

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