Hurricane Harvey: Melania Trump’s stilettos were the right choice

Image source: Pixabay

No matter what Donald Trump does these days: the media always find fault with the American president and seem to be constantly picking on him. Sometimes, also the First Lady gets drawn into this conflict. Remember when Melania slapped away her husband’s hand twice during their visit to the Middle East and Europe? Quickly the term ‘handgate’ was coined – even though ‘shoegate’ would have been more appropriate as The Entenpost later found out. And once again, Melania’s high heels catch people’s attention – this time when visiting the disaster zones hit by tropical storm Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. However, in our opinion there was nothing wrong about Melania’s stilettos at all!

How to turn a catastrophe into a real disaster was demonstrated by the Austrian chancellor Viktor Klima back in 1997 during the river Danube flooding: Klima was flown by helicopter into the disaster zone, emptied some buckets of water in his brandnew yellow rubber boots, and was quickly gone after giving a big smile to the photographers. Later on in the media he was mocked for his ridiculous outfit! Therefore, how could someone in all seriousness expect from Melania Trump in a similar situation to exchange her usual sexy high heels for absolutely unauthentic rubber boots?

Apart from this, one should consider that the average woman’s height in the US is about 13 cm less than men’s. Especially in case of a flooding when potentially every additional inch can make the difference between life and death, suitable shoes could play a key role. While rubber boots are of no earthly use when the water level raises to 1.7 meters, high heels having a sufficient height could make a vital difference!

If Donald Trump winning the presidential election was a good thing for the United States and the rest of the world remains to be seen. But wearing high heels in the Texan disaster zone was not only optically the better choice – Melania’s footwear was rather logical and therefore definitely the right choice! If someone really wants to criticise her stilettos at all then only because they could have been even an inch higher!

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