Trump tension – handgate is actually shoegate

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The whole world is still puzzled what could have led Melania Trump to slap away Donald’s hand twice during their visit to the Middle East and Europe. In the social media the First Lady’s refusal quickly spread by the name of ‘handgate’. Meanwhile, details of the actual reason for having a row leaked out: And handgate would indeed deserve to be called ‘shoegate’ instead!

What had happened? Melania Trump had used the opportunity to do a little bit of shopping in Saudia Arabia’s capital Riad and had demonstrated quite some talent at bargaining in a local bazar when getting a nice pair of oriental high heels. However, when telling Donald about her success later that evening, her husband was boasting nonstop about his awesome trading achievement by sealing a weapons deal worth nearly $110 billion and how he had hornswoggled the Arabs.

In addition, instead of at least honoring Melania’s good taste with shoes, he was only babbling about the beautiful military equipment and that nobody makes it like the United States. The First Lady took revenge for such ignorance the other day when she slapped away Donald’s hand at the airport in Tel Aviv.

However, Melania surely knows about her husband’s quirks and therefore she decided to give him a second chance. Doing some more shopping in Jerusalem with the Israeli First Lady Nechama Rivlin she got herself a very hot pair of pumps by Calvin Klein. But guess what! When she secretly wore her brand new shoes that evening, Donald Trump was instead all crazy about the Egyptian president’s shoes and had only compliments for el Sisi’s footwear: “I loved his shoes. Boy, those shoes. Man!”

According to reliable sources Melania spent the night in a separate room. And apparently she was still mad the other day when she once again refused Donald’s attempted hand-hold by quickly raising her hand to brush her hair aside.

Well, Donald Trump might be a mighty good politician, maybe even the greatest that America ever had. However, when it comes to women he might learn something by watching the former president Barak Obama. Donald Trump, still having no clue what might have gotten into Melania tried to calm her down by suggesting to go for an even greater weapons deal with Slovenia – Melania’s country of birth. In order to hide her hardened expression, she wore a veil when meeting up with Pope Francis.

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